Privacy Policy
In CheckPrice we want you to know and control what data you share with us and what we do with them. This text (called Privacy Policy ) explains in simple words and clarity what data we collect and how we use it. Its purpose is to help you decide what data you want to share with us and in what way.
CheckPrice & personal data at a glance
We suggest that you read the whole policy, but we summarize the most important points here to help you:

  • When using CheckPrice - even for a simple product search - we receive from you personal information such as the IP address and type of device you use without identifying you. In addition, by choosing to create a CheckPrice account, you share with us your email address, your mobile number, and a public profile, such as a user photo. We use this information to secure your account as well as to contact you for matters that concern you.
  • CheckPrice wants to make your online shopping better. We give you the opportunity to store in your account products that interest you, you already have them or just bought them through the "smart cart" or from a store that works with us using CheckPrice Analytics. We use information from the products you are looking for, viewing and storing to show you results that may be of most interest to you as well as to alert you to opportunities that may interest you.
  • CheckPrice provides the possibility of public communication. Product and store ratings as well as product discussions are public and visible to all CheckPrice visitors along with the user name and profile image you have selected. When evaluating a product or store, we may ask you to share a proof of purchase with us in order to verify the market, but not to make it public.
  • Through your account settings, you can choose which data to share with us and manage your preferences about our communication with you and the promotions.
  • If you wish, you can request to delete your account by sending an e-mail to from the e-mail address that is linked to your account.

For any questions or comments about this policy, please feel free to contact us with an email at .

Data you provide us
Several of the services we provide require additional data to operate. For example, you must have a CheckPrice account to store products or use the "smart cart". The following data you choose to share with us collects and uses them for the operation of our services
Account information
You do not need an account to use CheckPrice, but you can choose to create an account to use some of our services - "favorites" or "smart cart" - or to write a product or store review. If you choose to create a CheckPrice account, we will ask for your e-mail and a username. Your username will appear throughout your public activity, such as discussions and product and store ratings. We will use your e-mail to contact you and to receive alerts from CheckPrice. You can choose which notifications you will receive using your account settings .
If you want to post a rating for a CheckPrice store, or buy products through the "smart cart", you will be asked for a mobile phone number to verify your account. This number is only notified to the stores from which you buy through the 'smart basket' to complete your order.
Finally, you can choose to share with us elements such as gender and your age to help us extract statistics for the audience we are addressing.
Publication Information
If you wish you can publish material in CheckPrice, either in the form of a shop or product evaluation or in the form of a discussion. In any case, this material will be available to all CheckPrice visitors as well as shop visitors who incorporate CheckPrice content and will appear along with the username you have chosen.
You can choose to share a location with us to help you choose the right product or store for your purchases, for example by calculating your transport costs. This site does not need to be accurate and will not be used for any other purpose.
Products and markets
If you choose, you can store your favorite products in your account. We may ask you via email to write a review of any of the products you have, or to send you notifications for changes to the products of interest to you. You can manage your favorites and choose the notifications you will receive using your account settings .
You can also choose to save an order you have made to a store that has CheckPrice Analytics enabled. You can view and delete all the orders you have stored in the saved orders in your account .
Delivery / billing details
If you choose to use the "smart cart", we will ask for your credit or debit card details as well as the shipping details for the products you want to buy. Your card details are safely handed over to the payment service to make the payment and are not stored in CheckPrice. In order to be able to process your order, we share the shipping details with the shipping company and the store from which the products will be purchased, and the contents of the order are shared only with the store.
Sending data is stored for use in future orders and for calculating metaphors in your searches. You can view and manage your addresses in your account settings .
If you choose, you can store your card details for future transactions. In this case, the data will be stored securely in the payment service.

Data we receive
When you use our services or visit other pages that incorporate CheckPrice content, we may receive data that concerns you. We use this data - along with the data you share with us - in order to provide our services.
Cookies are small text files containing pieces of information stored on your computer or device that you send us to each visit. We use cookies to be able to offer you personalized content and to measure CheckPrice 's performance and export statistics on the use of our services. Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can control your browser's behavior from its settings. But keep in mind that cookies are necessary for your account to work, although they are not necessary for every use of the site: for example, simple product search and comparison works without cookies. Learn more about cookies in CheckPrice .
Motion history
All network services have access to specific data sent by your device while browsing the internet. So we also get data from your CheckPrice navigation and from your interaction with our other services, even if you do not have a CheckPrice account. For example, when you visit a page in CheckPrice, you see a product through the CheckPrice mobile app, or you are visiting a shop using the CheckPrice Analytics service, we can get information about you. We all call this History of Movement.
This Traffic History includes information such as the IP address, type and manufacturer of your device, your browser type and operating system, the page you are visiting, the page that referred you to us, the search terms you used, and your cookies. When you browse a store using CheckPrice Analytics, we may also receive information about your product purchases, but not linked to your account.
We use this data to ensure that our services operate safely and quickly, to improve the content we provide and to evaluate CheckPrice 's effectiveness as a service. We may also use this data in conjunction with the data you provide us to show you personalized content that may be of most interest to you.

Information we share with third parties
CheckPrice is made to make your online shopping better. In general, we do not share your personal data with third parties. In cases where we do so, we do so either with your consent or because it is necessary to be able to provide our services or because we have to comply with the applicable laws.
Companies of our group
We may share your personal data with any of our Group subsidiaries, always respecting this Policy.
Service Providers
In order to offer you our services, we also receive services from companies located in the EU. and the US. For example, we use Google Analytics and Inspectlet to help us better understand how our users are using CheckPrice and using third-party data networks to link our infrastructure to the internet. We may share data about your use of CheckPrice with some of these providers in a way that is consistent with our Policy and always with the commitment that these data will only be used in a way that we will indicate. We also share your payment information with payment service providers to make payments or make a transaction dispute.
In order to ensure that your data is kept as confidential as possible, we use strong encryption on all of our pages.
In some of our pages we incorporate content from Google Ads. In such cases, Google may receive information about you. For more information, please refer to the Google Advertising Policies Privacy Policy and Terms of Use .
Compliance with the law
We may store, use or disclose your personal data if we believe that this is necessary to comply with applicable law or legal process in progress or whether it is the protection of a person's life and to ensure the integrity of the our service against misuse, such as the dissemination of defamatory, inappropriate or unwanted content. We can also do the same to deal with frauds.
The data you share with us is a property of our company and follows it. However, you may at any time ask for their deletion or correction by e-mail at .
Non-personalized information
We share non-personalized information in the form of statistics or aggregates about the popularity of products, stores and categories with CheckPrice 's stores. We also inform partner stores about the total visitors we promote them, as well as inform advertisers who work with us for their total visits to their pages, without sharing personal information with them.

Manage your data
You can check, correct and / or delete your data at any time through your profile settings. You can also request a deletion of your account. In addition, you may opt out of processing your personal data if you wish.
Access your personal information and update it
If you have a CheckPrice account, you can always access your personal information through your profile and change, correct or delete it if you wish.
You can ask for your account to be deleted by sending us an e-mail to CheckPrice from the e-mail address that is linked to your account. For administrative and technical reasons, your Travel History will be retained for up to 60 days from the day your account was deleted.
Exception from processing
You can use your account settings to exclude your data from some formats. For example, you can exclude from receiving a newsletter and disable some types of notifications. You can still use to be excluded from the Skroutz Analytics service.
Additional information or help
Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or remarks about the Privacy Policy.
The person responsible for processing your personal data when using our service is:
CheckPrice Ltd
Accountant: Data Protection Officer 
100 Gotse Delchev blvd., bl. 22, entrance 3, floor 3, ap. 8
1404 Sofia, Bulgaria
The responsible authority for the implementation of the regulatory framework for personal data in Bulgaria is the Personal Data Authority, whose contact details can be found here .

CheckPrice and children
CheckPrice is not for children and you must be at least 16 years of age to use our services.

Changes to our Policy
From time to time we will review this Policy, but its most recent version will always be available at . If we believe that a review is important, we will notify you via email using the address you have specified in your account. In any case, using our services you accept this Policy and are bound by its terms.
This policy was last reviewed on 6 October 2018 and has been in force since 6 October 2018.