EDGE 2023,  BLACK & White DC SUPER инвертор

EDGE 2023, BLACK & White DC SUPER инвертор

Energy Class A+++ in units up to < 3.5 kW and Α++ in units >3,5kW in cooling
Ultra-Pure Filter for a clean, healthy, dust-free atmosphere, without PM2.5 fine particles
With HADA Care flow (cooling mode), a set louver position to generate indirect air flow to user,
with better air distribution to homogenize room temperature
The unit boasts a 3D smart airflow system, with independent louvers and 6 patterns for unlimited comfort
(only sizes 18, 22 & 24K BTU/h)
WiFi Activated
Silent Operation (outdoor unit) with Toshiba’s unique noise reduction unction of outdoor unit down to 6dB(A)
or your neighborhood comfort
8°C «8°C» heating protects your home and contents from freezing temperatures

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